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My 2014 #CRE Challenge | Commercial Main N State

I don't really believe in having a New Year's resolution. I admit I made them when I was younger but just as the majority of people I didn't stick with them. They fell to the wayside pretty much after the first few days or weeks of the new year. Throughout my career I have made goals and a lot of the time life gets in the way such as I may start a marketing campaign idea but never saw them through. So last year, 2013, I forced myself to focus and be determined to learn social media and utilize it. I tried in the past dabbling in it but without commitment it seemed to be a waste to me. 


So my challenge of 2013 was dedicate myself to social media. I became very active on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and started this blog. I learned so much via Twitter and Google+ with really no great interactions on LinkedIn and Facebook was non-existent aside from my family and friends who once in a while "liked" a post of mine. 


My challenge this year, 2014, is to enhance my CRE career and business by actually implementing a number of the great tools and take advantage of the resources that I learned via social media in the past year. Not only do I want to use the knowledge I learned but I want to track it and see how well it worked. Being an independent commercial real estate broker my book of business is my business. I am an entrepreneur, I am running my own business and I am my own marketing department.


So I am going to keep a running update on my 2014 challenge through my blog so you can follow along with what I do and how it has actually turned out. I am in the same situation as many of my Tenant Representation clients and if I can assist them with maybe a new marketing tool I found to help their business as well, that would be great. That is the great thing about social media is you get to discover so many fresh ideas from so many professionals - for free. Just time and interactions. After one year I realized it is such a powerful tool.


Let's begin.  First, the column to the right are some CRE sites I have unearthed from my social media interactions that are very beneficial for CRE brokers. Be sure to check them out.


2014 to date steps I have taken:


On Google+ I asked to the WordPress Community "in what ways can I speed up my website" as it was having a very lagging load time. Mark Taylor responded to me with great information and suggestions. One thing he stated was I needed to change server companies as I was on a shared server. (I didn't know that) He suggested Siteground.com. I switched my site to them this week and it is running great! 


On Twitter, I read a couple blog posts from SelfEmployedKing.com with one being 19 Creative Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business. One of the ideas was to send in the mail a "thank you" card to former clients. I so far have sent out two personal "thank you" notes to prior clients of mine including two business cards. Just a thank you for working with me, wishing them a Happy New Year and letting them know I am here to assist with their lease if needed.


Via Twitter, I read Entrepreneur's blog post on How to Design a Business Card that gets Noticed. So I thought, "hey I should have a business card to promote my CRE blog" so checked out another blog with free business card templates and created my own Commercial Main N State business card to carry around and distribute (I also included them in my short Thank You notes!).


Lastly so far this year, after reading exploreB2B's blog on 8 Ways to Tell Your Company's Story, I redid my About Page and my Home Page. I believe this is still a work in progress. I am trying though!


First official week back to work in 2014 and I think I am on track to meet my challenge head-on. I hope you stay with me along with this journey and I look forward to hearing some of your marketing ideas that I can try out in 2014. Together we can grow our businesses using the power of social media!

Kristian Lee (88 Posts)

Kristian is a licensed Illinois Commercial Real Estate REALTOR since 2003 working with small to medium sized businesses locally and nationally as well as owners of real estate from office, retail to industrial at Village Commercial. in Frankfort, IL. Kristian specializes in branding each property he represents through different marketing tactics, boots on the ground and the latest technologies gained from his experience. For each tenant representation assignment he becomes his client's "in-house" broker walking them through the process from initial meeting till occupancy. He is the founder of Commercial Main N State, a blog and VBlog providing tips and market rental trends to small businesses on #CRE. He currently on the Board of Directors of the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors®

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