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2015: Year of New Beginnings | Commercial Main N State

This will probably be the most personal post I have ever written. If you have followed me via here or my various social media accounts you have noticed I have been absent from the virtual world for a few months. Obviously I am still alive in reality but reality has taken a lot of my time and attention. So here we are in March of 2015, 2 months down and I am hoping more than any other year that 2015 will be a great year. It is at minimum a year of new beginnings.



In 2006 I was married, in 2008 had my first son and in 2010 had twin daughters. Over the past few years life has been tough with business and family life. Unfortunately the marriage suffered and in 2014 my wife and I decided to part ways. Due to income we stayed living together until that hit a hard point and she moved out in December. Now we are meeting with attorneys and going through the divorce proceedings. So a new chapter of my life awaits once the divorce is finalized. One new beginning for 2015.



September 2012 I joined Schulz Properties, Ltd. after roughly 10 years at The Alter Group to become a 1099 broker. My first experience with taking on the full risk of independent contractor, eating what you kill 100%. Things were good but over the 2 years there were a couple snags. Half way through 2014 things started to crumble in my personal book of business. Deals were not getting done, property activity was lagged and money was short. Many things I am sure contributed to all this: fall of marriage, economy and the world at large. Though I fought for every deal and tried all I could I was not getting things done. In early February this year my managing broker and I decided it was time for me to make a fresh start somewhere else. It was not personal and there is no ill feelings, it was just the time.


I met with Bryan Barus of Suburban Real Estate Services and gave him an overview (more in depth) of the past 8 months of my life. So he knew where things stood for me. I of course was looking to join his firm and it was only right to be upfront and honest. I love commercial real estate and I want to make it in this business again, but he had to be armed with the truth. That said, he understood and graciously brought me on board to his team. A new beginning for 2015.


I am excited to be part of Suburban Real Estate Services (SRESI) and look forward to learning where I went wrong, learning new ways to tackle the challenges and a fresh start. The obstacle I will be fighting on top of creating a new book of business is because of the past 8 months and divorce funds are scarce. So I have had to get a full time midnight shift warehouse job. Not ideal but allows me to have my day hours to meet with prospects and build back my CRE business.

Forward Ahead 2015

I had a crummy 2014 to say the least and though I am no where out of the hole that I made I try to hang on to faith that 2015 will be a stepping stone to lessons learned and new brighter beginnings. My family and friends have been such a support to me, without them I would have given up by now. Of course it is hard going to a warehouse 5 nights a week lifting heavy boxes for 8+ hours but then I think of my kids and I know they are the reason I need to do more. Sleep is scarce as I try and focus on building my CRE career during the day, again as I think of my kids I get motivation. One day they will ask why I couldn't see them as often as I was before and why I wasn't always at their school functions and I will share with them that to get where you want to be you just work hard and you do what you have to do. I hope to teach them where I went wrong so maybe they won't have to endure the same struggles as I have.


Some have said they are proud of me for all I am trying to do here in 2015, I ask, don't be proud of me yet... It's a long road ahead be proud of me when I get out of this hole and never fall again.


Kristian Lee (88 Posts)

Kristian is a licensed Illinois Commercial Real Estate REALTOR since 2003 working with small to medium sized businesses locally and nationally as well as owners of real estate from office, retail to industrial at Village Commercial. in Frankfort, IL. Kristian specializes in branding each property he represents through different marketing tactics, boots on the ground and the latest technologies gained from his experience. For each tenant representation assignment he becomes his client's "in-house" broker walking them through the process from initial meeting till occupancy. He is the founder of Commercial Main N State, a blog and VBlog providing tips and market rental trends to small businesses on #CRE. He currently on the Board of Directors of the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors®

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