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About CMNS | Commercial Main N State

About CMNS

Kristian Lee


Is there really anything free? Is there a difference in quality when it comes to free services or information? Of course there is though it is not as easily recognized as a name brand product with a high price tag. I started in commercial real estate by chance and over ten years later I have proven that there is a difference in quality and effectiveness when it comes to free.


As an independent licensed Illinois commercial real estate broker working at Commercial Alliance in Joliet, IL everyday I provide businesses and landlords free advice, market information and guidance with their CRE endeavors. Commercial Main N State is built upon a decade of working with small to medium sized companies locally and nationally as well as individual to corporate to REIT owners of CRE to provide all who comes and joins me in the commercialmns.com community free guidance and expertise in commercial real estate.


My goal? Pretty basic honestly. To build your trust, have you recognize my experience and expertise by sharing market data, tips on CRE and information for entrepreneurs regarding their commercial real estate obligations. In the end I hope this community is the foundation to a relationship that brings us together to benefit each other's businesses.


I look forward to reading your comments and learning from you how I can provide the best free CRE brokerage service for you and your company.