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Tenant Representation | Commercial Main N State

Your In-House Real Estate Division

Tenant Representation

Since 2003, I have represented tenants and landlords throughout the greater Chicago area and the country. Having represented properties I have worked closely with landlords, understanding their thought process when it comes to new tenants and those tenants renewing. With this firsthand knowledge I am better equipped to assist your company navigate the process of expansion, relocation and renewals with any landlord.

This may not seem like much of an advantage over strictly tenant rep commercial brokers, but as I have sat on the landlord side I was able to defend a landlord’s stance and turn the lease in favor of the landlord. Let me stack the deck in your hand!

As I have worked on the landlord side of the transaction, I have leased and purchased properties throughout the country on behalf of tenants, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I dove into understanding their business, the workflow, the important components of their space to ensure better productivity which means less cost to the company.

I am a broker that becomes vested in each client and their goals. I work with them from the initial meeting, reviewing their current lease and touring their current facility for strengths and weaknesses. This helps me better understand what the client wants and what to search for in the market. I am with them on every property tour as we discuss the plus and minuses of each. I advise them through the proposal exchanges and lease negotiations until full execution. Here many step aside, but I am there to make sure the construction is completed as we negotiated and that the client is happy with the landlord’s delivery. Even throughout my client’s lease term I keep in contact especially during the time frame when their landlord reconciles the management expense for the previous years. I have many contacts in the property management field which are available for me to get answers regarding the trends of costs their properties experienced to compare against my client’s assessment. 

So do you want an “in-house” vested commercial real estate broker on your team? Someone that looks out for your company’s needs and not just looking at the final executed lease? If so, contact me today. I look forward to a free consultation to determine how I can best assist you and your requirements. My services are generally free for you – just savings!

Benefits to You

Top Reasons to work with a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Knowledge of the market
Access to the market
Saves Time
Advocate/Representation for you
Saves Money 

Let’s Start Working Together

Contact me today for your free consultation review of your current real estate and the market.

Kristian Lee
Village Commercial
20950 S. Frankfort Square Rd., Suite C
Frankfort, IL 60423
O: 708-478-1212 | D: 815-954-1749