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Why Commercial Connected? #CRE Free Listing Service | Commercial Main N State

Last year I started my journey to create the best sales, leasing and needs platform for the commercial real estate industry. What I came up with was www.CommercialConnected.com. So what sets Commercial Connected apart from other Commercial Real State sites?


Commercial Connected was developed as a platform to provide CRE professionals the resources to create opportunities and expand their markets by bringing both buyers and sellers together in one searchable location.


Logging on to Commercial Connected is like walking into a room full of CRE professionals. You have the ability to list not only properties for sale & lease; you also have the ability to post the needs of your client base. There are two sides to any transactions and to many sites focus on just one half. Commercial Connected offers buyers and sellers an on-line resource where they can compare their needs and work together to satisfy those needs. Think of it as your virtual office: buyers, sellers, market partners and like kind opportunities all in one place.


A valuable feature of the Commercial Connected site is the direct link to Linkedin, allowing members to expand their professional network and grow market opportunities resulting in a higher volume of transactions.


Best of all, membership is free. Sure there are other free websites, but those free websites lack the resources to promote their site and your listing. What good is a free listing if no one can find the site? Commercial Connected is supported by our Market Partners in each state. In turn we have the resources to promote both the site, and your listings.


My goal from the beginning was to help you get more deals done and put more money in your pocket. Today, thousands of listings from around the country are being exposed to thousands of qualified buyers on Commercial Connected. Early users of the site are sending in their deal stories that began with a connection on Commercial Connected…. and we’re just getting started. If you haven’t tried www.CommercialConnected.com yet I recommend you do.



Matt Chapdelaine (4 Posts)

Co-Founder of Commercial Connected

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