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Why Would A #CRE Broker Guest Blog at the Corner of Main N State? | Commercial Main N State

Well first of all, for those who are not sure what a blog is, understand it is simply today’s delivery method of absolutely any kind of information in the form of a post, that is a part of a website. It can be delivered from any person or company. It can be anything at all, educational or training article, a case study, a press release, a story about a property, a video or even a podcast, etc. That is probably not an official definition, but the term is so universal that it is hard to say it used in only one way or another. It is your content so it can be whatever you want!

But for those of us in commercial real estate, we need to understand that blogging is not really optional any longer and we have to compare what a blog is to something we are all so familiar with. To me, that is a sign. Yes, a sign. For sale, for lease, for whatever!

I refer to that as a real estate sign because it will hopefully click with you and make you realize the power that it has for your business. Yes, a website today is a real estate sign and you must think of how many signs you put out there each day to promote your clients and your company. For those of us with blogs and websites already, it is great to be on your own real estate with your own real estate sign, but if a friend says, “Hey would you like to put a real estate sign on my property too?”, you need to jump at that chance as well.

Why? Because everybody, quite frankly, looks absolutely everything up on the internet and they use their handheld phones. That means that each person in the world that wants anything at all, has the answer in the palm of their hand. So when they go to look up anything at all about commercial real estate, whether it is a local inquiry or an international inquiry, if you fit that bill, according to what Google search delivers, they will find you!

So, if you do not think that way, it would be like saying promoting your clients or company or yourself is optional. In the basic sense, it is optional because many of you work all day and just build your business with no marketing or promotion of any kind. In the past that was fine because the internet did not play into our world so much. But today, I believe it is necessary.

So back to guest blogging. Well if you do not have a website or blog now, you first have to start to establish your own audience and presence.

For instance, Kristian Lee of Schulz Properties invited me to guest blog on his site. I was honored.  So when Kristian asked me to blog, I thought this would be the best topic to blog about because it is so misunderstood. Also, I was hoping it might help Kristian get some more bloggers on board, just like we do everyday on our tBL community blog.

This particular blog is being written in WordPress and is original to Kristian’s site. I am doing that because that is the right thing to do. Could I copy a blog that I have already written and just copy and paste? Sure, I could. But to me, the content is the draw or the power of my sign on Kristian’s blog. I know that in real estate signs are very powerful. In fact, for most of us, the sign draws in a majority of our leads, but we still cannot ignore the online search and having as many signs out there as we can.

So I thank Kristian Lee so very much for being so generous to let me post my sign here. Now I have a sign at the corner of “Commercial Main N State” and I think that is a great location!


Linda Day Harrison Founder of theBrokerList (1 Posts)

#Minipitch Chicago commercial real estate professional who has delved into the #cre technology aspect of the industry. Blogs, tweets, connects. Founded #tBL. #Pitch Linda Day Harrison founded theBrokerList.com in an effort to create efficiency and streamlined operations for the commercial real estate industry, property and facility management, leasing and brokerage. As a part of Linda's other work, she also founded ManagerLabs and with this group, she is developing web applications, with a team of programmers to solve some complex processes in the commercial real estate and property management industry. Linda is currently working with one of the largest pm firms in the Chicagoland market as a beta client for one of her initiatives. In addition, Linda is working with real estate company owners and other business models to identify the path those firms should take to embrace technology in today's rapidly and constantly evolving environment. You can also find Linda on theBrokerList and Twitter Linda at tBL @DayHarrison or @theBrokerList or Google+

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